Best Full Body massage Chair 2018

Best Massage Chairs and Recliners 2018

Best Massage Chairs and Recliners 2018
It will actually do a full body scan before it does your massage. That helps it target the right pressure points and customizes the massage to your body type. It has over 100 (106) body types to be exact. The fact that it can give the perfect massage for that many body types is pretty awesome in and of itself.
There are a few scenarios where it makes it easier to justify the cost of one of the luxury models. If you were already planning on buying a new recliner you may want to opt for a reclining massage chair instead. In this scenario it is like your getting 2 birds with one stone. You’ll get a comfy reclining chair for watching TV. Plus, you can switch that baby on whenever your body is aching for a gentle (or vigorous) massage.
Another way to look at investing in a massage chair is the extreme cost of professional massages. The average cost of a massage is about $60 for an hour, plus you have to factor in a $5 to $20 tip depending on your mood for the day. If you were to get 1 massage a week for an hour long duration plus tips you’d be at around $1000 after just 1 year.
We don’t know about you but we kind of like the idea of 3-4 massages a week, maybe more. For a year of that many massages (3-5 a week) you’re looking at any where from $4000-$6000. And that’s just hour long massages!
After running the numbers, you can begin to understand why people invest a lot of money in a fancy massage chair. These chairs are built to last 5 years or longer, some of the best ones have warranties for 10 years or more. Of course, you can use the massage chair as long as you want. There’s no additional fees for 2 hours versus 1 hour. Not to mention, they don’t get tired or complain like your significant other might after a lousy 20 minuteYou can target exactly which muscle groups or sore areas you want. Conversely, you can crank that baby up for a full body massage all at once, something no professional can do unless they are half octopus.
There are dozens of variations of massage chairs. Some massage chairs have many of the following features while others may specialize in one category. Some are over best full body massage chair 2018 $1000, though budget models can be had for a few hundred. While the only decision consumers needed to make in the past was whether they wanted a full body or back only massage chair now there are a handful more choices you’ll need to make.
The most affordable option are pads that can be placed on chairs or your couch for example. While some of these are known to break easily or not apply much pressure, there are certainly some decent models out there.
There is a big difference between “back massage chairs” and “massage chairs” when searching for products online. Most search engines will associate the back massage chair with those pads that you put on an existing chair. These are much less expensive than a full body massage chair and usually under $200. So keep this in mind when shopping.